Decanter ICE

When I drew this decanter I got my influence from the North of Sweden. The wavy surface reminds me of rippling water which also bring forth the liquids diversity.

The shape transforms from shart straight lines to soft round. It´s contrasts meet and come together in a harmonious engagement between the male and female.

The decanter is a mold-blown glass, which is a technique where you blow the glass into a mold. Each product is unique in its shape, which can easily be seen at the bottom of the carafe.

Volume approx. 0,8L

Price: 1995 sek

At machine wash, we recommend using a dishwashing liquid with rinse aid. Choose a gentle program that will wash at about 50° for a shorter time. Can be hand-washed with care in warm water with washing up liquid. Avoid contact with other glasses.

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