Wineglass ICE

I wanted to create some glasses that, through its shape, could be associated with the decanter. By making the bowl straight at the bottom and round at the top, you can recognize the design pattern. The straight surface also the wavy pattern, which you also see on the decanter.

The glass is hand made by mold-blowing, which is a technique where you blow the glass in a mold. Each product becomes unique in its shape, which is most easily seen on the bowl and its opening.

I would recommend this glass to any different types of wine.

Price 660 sek/pcs

We recommend that the glasses are hand-washed with care in warm water with washing up liquid, rinse the glass thoroughly and avoid contact with other objects. If you want to polish the glass, use a microfibre cloth. Never hold the foot of the glass when the bowl is polished, this can cause the glass to break.

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